The “Happiest” Necklace on Earth

Pre-owned Chopard Happy Diamond Necklace

This Week’s Canary Choice in “New Arrivals” – The “Happiest” Necklace on Earth THIS WEEK, MY HANDS-DOWN FAVOURITE addition to our site is the Chopard Chain and Happy Pendant. Admittedly, I hadn’t heard of Chopard until a few years ago when my husband and I were shopping for a Rolex watch for my anniversary present.  … Read more

We’re Here!

It started with a simple question.  Where does someone sell jewelry they once loved? The options were limited; melt it, pawn it or pray someone would find it on Ebay. Thus the creation of CANARY. An exclusive, pre-loved treasure trove of incredible jewels. Started as a means to fulfill an under-served market and created by the … Read more

My Everything Ring

Sadly, eight years ago almost to the day, I lost my sister and my very best friend to breast cancer. I also lost my mother to mental illness a few years prior and my father passed away eight months before my sister. Not only was I left with the devastation of loss but the reality … Read more

Jewellery always fits

Can we all agree that buying jewellery is a pleasurable experience? Choosing a beautiful treasure to adorn our body arouses a different set of feelings than selecting a pair of pants, or a dress. Jewellery transforms our state of being instantly. Slipping a brilliant diamond onto our finger, or wrapping an endless string of pearls around our neck makes us regal, powerful and beautiful.

We can shop for jewelry on-line, in boutiques and in our imagination.  Most fitting rooms are fraught with bad lighting, and carnival mirrors. When your retail associate asks what size we need, it’s (unfortunately) automatic for many of us to feel sheepish. When we’re asked the same question when selecting a diamond, “the biggest one you have” is considered a normal reply.

Jewellery brings joy to whomever we buy it for, we can wear it as soon as we unwrap it, we never have to have it tailored, and it becomes an object onto which our feelings, love and memories are imprinted.

CANARY is for all of us. There’s a piece of perfect shine and sparkle for everybody. And it’s a soft place to land for the jewellery you want to release back into the world.