CANARY Consignment considers pre-loved jewelry that has a resale value of $250 – $20,000.

Due to the administrative cost and time needed for the intake process and preparing items for sale on the CANARY site, only items with a resale value of over $500 will be added to Items with a resale value of less than $500 will be offered for sale at CANARY pop-up shops, events and private parties.

CANARY Consignment only accepts jewelry, such as:

  • bracelets
  • chains
  • earrings
  • necklaces
  • pendants
  • rings
  • watches


The item needs to be in the following condition in order for CANARY to represent it:

  • Have 100% of their stones, if any, intact
  • No visible showing yellow gold bleeding into white or vice versa
  • Watches must be running

You will receive 75% of the net selling price (excluding taxes, packaging and shipping).

You can submit an item to CANARY here: 

Sell Your Treasures

If you have multiple items to consign – register the first with the online registration form and then provide details on the remaining pieces in an accompanying email.  Send your info to

By agreeing to our Terms and Conditions you provide consent to Canary to display and sell all of your items.

CANARY will review the submitted information and be in touch to provide further details such as our shipping address to send your jewelry to. 

We may also request photos and/or appraisals of your treasure/s at this time.  All accepted items will be subject to further evaluation and authentication to determine fair listing prices once they are received.   

Any jewelry items that are determined to be non-acceptable at this time will be returned to the Consignor at the Consignor’s expense, donated to a local charity or disposed of accordingly. 

For additional information please visit:

How It Works

Consignment Terms Policy

The price of an item will be determined using, among other considerations, the appraised value, the condition of the item and the resale potential. This posting price is established by CANARY and may be reduced if an item is part of a promotion.

CANARY works with FedEx and Canada Post to transport items. 

While CANARY takes every care to make sure items get to us safely, the risk of shipping stays with you under all circumstances until it arrives at our location.

We ask that you always add insurance and tracking to all of your jewelry shipments.

If you no longer see your piece of jewelry for sale on our site or simply wish to inquire about the status of your piece, please send an email to

Consignor payments will be available, upon request, in the first week of the month following the sale.  Therefore, if you sell a piece of jewelry in the month of April you will be eligible for payment in the first week of May.  Payment will be made by EFT.

If your treasure has not found a new home, you have two options:

  1. We can return the item to you. The cost for this includes shipping and handling. Shipping is a flat rate of $35.00.  The handling fee* is 10% of the retail selling price of the item to a maximum of $250.00.
  2. The item can be included in our annual donation as part of our Do Good program.

 * Handling fees are intended to cover costs involved in managing each item of jewelry, including gemologist reviews, insurance, storage, professional photos, and website posting.


Each item of jewelry posted on our site goes through at least two or more review processes.  The first review happens before accepting product to ensure gemstones are intact, products are in working order (watches), and wear of pre-loved items are no less than a 3 Feather Rating.  (See Feather Rating on FAQ’s for additional information).

We have a partnership with International Gemological Laboratories to review, validate and appraise jewelry before we provide Final Acceptance to Consignors to accept and sell their jewelry.  Therefore, we retain the right to return jewelry to our consignors when jewelry does not meet our standards.

In addition to these reviews, all items purchased for $5,000 and over will come with a third party appraisal.

This is an important part of how we set prices on jewelry and convey the condition of the item to buyers.

5 Feathers: Exquisite

As-new or has the original price tag—extra shiny and new, to you.


Unique and no longer available in the open market—a rare gem.

4 Feathers: Splendid

Slight wear (e.g. small scratches)— even an eagle eye would find it hard to detect.

3 Feather Rating: Treasured

Visibly pre-loved, but still plenty of shine left to be brilliant.

Please see our “we do not want to ruffle your feathers” Return Policy.

We use FedEx and Canada Post for shipping all our items. We will provide a tracking number so you can anticipate its arrival. You can track your order on the website here:

Track Your Order


An appraised value is the amount you may expect to replace your piece of jewelry in case of loss or theft.  It is the amount that it would cost to replace the item – taking into account criteria such as designer name, gemstones, metals used and quality of craftsmanship.

In a pre-loved market, buyers are always going to expect a price that is lower than this replacement value/appraised pricing.

We endeavor to price jewelry where these two values meet.