This is an important part of how we set prices on jewelry and convey the condition of the item to buyers.

5 Feathers: Exquisite

As-new or has the original price tag—extra shiny and new, to you.


Unique and no longer available in the open market—a rare gem.

4 Feathers: Splendid

Slight wear (e.g. small scratches)— even an eagle eye would find it hard to detect.

3 Feather Rating: Treasured

Visibly pre-loved, but still plenty of shine left to be brilliant.

This is how CANARY categorises items. The criteria we use when determining a category includes things like the appraised value and the posting price.

We charge a handling fee on all returned items:

The handling fee is $40.00 per Fab item, $75.00 per Fashion item and $200.00 per Fine item. 

* Handling fees are intended to cover costs involved in managing each item of jewelry, including gemologist reviews, insurance, storage, professional photos, and website posting.


We will accept any of the following jewelry items:

bracelets, brooches, chains, cufflinks, earrings, necklaces, pendants, rings, tie pins and watches.

The item needs to be in the following condition in order for CANARY to represent it:

  • Have 100% of their stones, if any, intact
  • No visible showing yellow gold bleeding into white or vice versa
  • Watches must be running

Unfortunately, we cannot accept any items of clothing, scarves, shoes or handbags.

Depending on the category your item is determined to be in, you will get between 60% and 75% of the final selling price.

You can submit an item to CANARY here: 

Sell Your Treasures

Please note: each item of jewelry needs to be registered before we can represent it. Items sent without pre-registration cannot be accepted.

CANARY will review the submitted information and be in touch to provide details such as handling fee on returned items, as well as our address to send your jewelry. We may also request photos and/or appraisals of your treasure at this time.

Once CANARY has received your treasures we will assess them and a listing price will be determined.  We will email you with this price before your treasure is posted on our website.

If for any reason we are not able to represent your item, we will contact you to arrange sending it back. Please note that a handling fee applies on all returned jewelry.

Upon receipt of your item we will have a gemologist review it and it will go up on our website for another jewelry lover to discover and purchase.  More details can be found here:

How It Works

The price of an item will be determined using, among other considerations, the appraised value, the condition of the item, your minimum desired price and the resale potential. This posting price is established by CANARY and may be reduced if an item is reposted or is part of a promotion.

CANARY works with FedEx to transport items. 

While CANARY takes every care to make sure items get to us safely, the risk of shipping stays with you under all circumstances until it arrives at our location.

As soon as your item has sold, you will receive an email from the CANARY team notifying you that the item has sold. This email will also give you the options of how you’d like to receive your payout.

If your treasure has not found a new home, you have three options:

  1. We can return the item to you. The cost for this includes shipping and handling. Shipping is a flat rate of $35.00.  The handling fee* is $40.00 per Fab item, $75.00 per Fashion item and $200.00 per Fine item. 
  2. We can hang on to the item and include it in our next flash sale.
  3. The item can be included in our annual donation as part of our Do Good program.

 * Handling fees are intended to cover costs involved in managing each item of jewelry, including gemologist reviews, insurance, storage, professional photos, and website posting.

There are two ways to increase the percentage that you receive from a sale.

  1. If you are a current CANARY member you receive an additional 1% (for example on an item where you would normally receive 75% of the sale price you would receive 76%)
  2. Convert your payout to CANARY Credit and receive an extra 10%. 


Each piece of jewelry posted on our site has gone through two reviews. Our first review is before accepting to represent the item and the second review is once we have the item on-site.

We have partnered with International Gemological Laboratories to have each piece physically inspected for authenticity before we offer it for sale.

In addition to this review, if you purchase an item in the Fine category it will come with a appraisal.

All sales are final and items are sold on an “AS IS” basis.

We use FedEx for shipping all our items. We will provide a tracking number so you can anticipate its arrival. You can track your order on the website here:

Track Your Order


A replacement appraisal value is the amount you would expect it to cost to reproduce the item, whereas our starting sale price is the price we think the item will sell for.

In any pre-loved market, buyers are always going to expect a price lower than the replacement value.