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Breakfast Television, Monday May 12, 2019

Estate Jewelry

My Grandmother’s Ring

When we launched CANARY my family kindly asked “how they could help?”.  I said “We need inventory that will show the world that we are credible, trustworthy and sales-worthy”. My mom, who is the executor of my grandma Marge’s estate, gave me all of her mother’s jewelry to consign first.  I can’t tell you how incredibly touched

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guitar music and headphones

Dreams really do come true

This week, on my way to work, I listened to a radio interview with Lindsay Ell, a Canadian country music singer and songwriter from Calgary, who is lauded as being one of the most exciting and talented young artists in country music.    Her interview moved me as she spoke about her perseverance, her tireless

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We’re Here!

It started with a simple question.  Where does someone sell jewelry they once loved? The options were limited; melt it, pawn it or pray someone would find it on Ebay. Thus the creation of CANARY. An exclusive, pre-loved treasure trove of incredible jewels. Started as a means to fulfill an under-served market and created by the

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My Everything Ring

Sadly, eight years ago almost to the day, I lost my sister and my very best friend to breast cancer. I also lost my mother to mental illness a few years prior and my father passed away eight months before my sister. Not only was I left with the devastation of loss but the reality

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