The Flock & Feather

Breakfast Television, Monday May 12, 2019

We’re Here!

It started with a simple question.  Where does someone sell jewelry they once loved? The options were limited; melt it, pawn it or pray someone would find it on Ebay. Thus the creation of CANARY. An exclusive, pre-loved treasure trove of incredible jewels. Started as a means to fulfill an under-served market and created by the

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My Everything Ring

Sadly, eight years ago almost to the day, I lost my sister and my very best friend to breast cancer. I also lost my mother to mental illness a few years prior and my father passed away eight months before my sister. Not only was I left with the devastation of loss but the reality

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Jewellery always fits

Can we all agree that buying jewellery is a pleasurable experience? Choosing a beautiful treasure to adorn our body arouses a different set of feelings than selecting a pair of pants, or a dress. Jewellery transforms our state of being instantly. Slipping a brilliant diamond onto our finger, or wrapping an endless string of pearls

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