Where Harmony and Beauty Collide… Giosoul


We wear jewelry for all sorts of reasons such as customs, to show that we are married, to show our wealth, to feel pretty, because it was a gift…

The twin owners of Giosoul believe that we can wear their jewelry to feel calm, healthy, peaceful, loved and soulful which is why they apply Reiki and Prayer to every piece they create.   

Their beads and design are all intentional and their goal is to make you feel better when you wear one of their gender-neutral designs.   

Their jewelry pieces are highlighted by the distinct healing qualities of the gems they use.  Therefore, if you want to reduce stress and improve your communication channels, a piece with strawberry quartz would be recommended as it works to open your heart chakra and help support open and honest dialogue.  

If it’s emotional stability and intellectual acuity that you desire then their black tourmaline options are exactly what they would recommend.

Regardless of your life’s challenges, the twins offer stunning designs to support life’s daily challenges.   

When you wear their jewelry you won’t just look better but you will feel better too! 

For more information, come to the Canary PopUp Shop on Saturday, November 16th 11:30am – 4:30pm at the YW Hub in Inglewood – 1715 – 17 Ave SE, Calgary

As Canada's only online fine jewelry reseller, Canary Consignment specializes in selling brand name and high-end jewelry, we always have something in our store waiting for you to fall in love with. Come take a look
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