We’re Here!

It started with a simple question.  Where does someone sell jewelry they once loved?

The options were limited; melt it, pawn it or pray someone would find it on Ebay.

Thus the creation of CANARY. An exclusive, pre-loved treasure trove of incredible jewels.

Started as a means to fulfill an under-served market and created by the talent and vision of eight woman who believed it was possible.

Thank you for visiting our store.  Many have asked why our name.  Simple really, the Canary Diamond is considered one of the most precious and valued gems in the world.  It is our hope that every single collectable we represent conveys the rare opportunity to own something remarkable.

Canary is also about dreams taking flight.  To everyone reading, thank you for helping us soar.












As Canada's only online fine jewelry reseller, Canary Consignment specializes in selling brand name and high-end jewelry, we always have something in our store waiting for you to fall in love with. Come take a look
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