They Say Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend but I think Pearls are Pretty Incredible Too!

Moonstone, Pearl and Opal Pendant
Moonstone, Pearl and Opal Pendant

Women love to wear them, but very few of us really know much about them.

  • There are four main types of pearls – Freshwater, Akoya, Tahitian, South Sea
  • Freshwater pearls come from mussels that can produce 50+ pearls at once, Akoya pearls come from oysters, producing 5-6 pearls at once, Tahitian and South sea pearls both come from  oysters and produce one pearl at a time
  • Warm water increases the metabolic rate of the oyster, creating a larger pearl, cold water creates a slower release of nacre (what a pearl is made of) and because of this, the lustre is stronger
  • Depending on the type of pearl, there are a variety of natural colours. Everything from white, cream, champagne, silver, black, lavender, copper, pinks and a plethora of overtones
  • Pearls will form in all sorts of shapes. Round is the most recognizable, but baroque pearls are also quite popular and used for unique, one-of-a-kind pieces.  Other common shapes are coin, oval and semi-baroque
  • Size is dependent on the host oyster/mussel and its size, and also how long it stays in the water to grow. Freshwater pearls can range from 2 mm onward (can be very large), Akoya pearls are typically 5.0-8.0 mm, there is a significant price jump beyond 8.5 mm, Tahitian pearls average 8.0-11.0 mm (Although they can go up to 16.0 mm) and South sea pearls which typically range 11.0-15.0 mm.
  • Lustre is to a pearl what brilliance and brightness is to a diamond. It is the quality and quantity of the light reflecting back from the surface of  pearl. A really excellent lustre will act like a mirror and you should be able to see your reflection. The clearer and more concise the reflection the better the lustre. When wearing a strand of pearls, or pairing two or more pearls together, it is important to have as close a lustre as possible.
  • Proper care for pearls is very important. Pearls should not be worn to exercise, shower, swim, garden or sleep. Always last on, first off. You may wipe your pearls with a damp cloth, but avoid any solutions, cleaners or chemicals. Pearls may need to be restrung (recommended to have them checked yearly) or reset once in a while – this is proper maintenance.

Like purchasing a diamond, finding a Pearl Dealer and Designer you can trust is critical.  CANARY is a huge fan of Kristin Richard and her team at Kaviar Pearls.

Kaviar Pearls logo

  • Established in 2008 in Calgary, AB
  • Initially focused on being the only direct warm salt water pearl procurement boutique, but quickly grew to include freshwater and Akoya pearls
  • Kristin has traveled the world to find local, family operated, and socially and environmentally responsible pearl farms to hand select every pearl they represent
  • Kaviar carries a range of ready to wear pieces, loose pearls to select for a custom piece, and all the components to repair your old, worn pearl jewellery back to life
  • Kaviar’s vision was, and still is, to get women wearing their pearls (and all jewellery) regularly and not waiting for special occasions – every day should be celebrated! Pearls are organic and beautiful in their own right, and our goal is to empower women and encourage that philosophy within themselves. We appreciate pearls for all that they are, imperfections included, and hope that translates when women wear their pearls

So ladies, get your pearls on, created and repaired and remember they can be very special friends too.

If you would like to meet Kristen and her team from Kaviar Pearls they will be joining us at our

POP-UP Market Saturday, Nov 16 from 11:30am-4:30pm at the YW Hub, Inglewood, 1715 – 17 Ave SE Calgary

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