Size Does Matter….At least when you are Talking About Jewelry

Just like all fashion, the jewelry you wear says a great deal about who you are and its proportion is critical.

Have you ever noticed how different a look is when you add jewelry to the outfit?

A short necklace paired with a long flowing blouse looks very different than a long chained pendant on the same blouse.  The long necklace compliments the flow whereas the short
necklace cuts off the look. Playing with size and dimension is important.

Calgary Jet Bead Necklace Jewelry


A few examples:

  • The length of a necklace should not compete with a belt.  Therefore, you should wear a shorter necklace if you have a cinched or belted garment on.
  • Big earrings by themselves can make a statement. However, big drop earrings paired with a statement necklace over-powers the face and shortens the neck.

Playing with how and where you place your jewelry also matters.  Too much for example looks like too much.  People don’t know where to focus and the jewelry generally dominates the
outfit. But a statement necklace with a statement ring is always a killer combination.  It breaks up the eye, elongates the body and creates great proportion.

Don’t be afraid to try different sized pieces together and to mix and match!

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