My Grandmother’s Ring

When we launched CANARY my family kindly asked “how they could help?”.  I said “We need inventory that will show the world that we are credible, trustworthy and sales-worthy”.

Diamond Engagement Ring in Calgary ConsignmentMy mom, who is the executor of my grandma Marge’s estate, gave me all of her mother’s jewelry to consign first.  I can’t tell you how incredibly touched I was as a brand new company to get the things most treasured by my grandma.  When I asked my mom why grandma’s first, my wise mom assured me that now was the time to share her treasures with the rest of the world.  I couldn’t agree more.
So while I can’t wear my grandma’s petite bezel set diamond ring on my lamb chop fingers, I can picture her admiring it daily, and nothing would bring me greater joy than to think someone else could do the same with it too.
The fact is not many of us can or will adorn our grandmother’s or our mother’s jewelry as different sizes, different eras, different tastes all come into play.  I think the real gift is when a loved one lets us pick out something with them when they are alive and they get to enjoy seeing us wear it.

Thank you grandma for doing this with me when you were alive.
Thank you mom for trusting Canary with grandma’s jewelry.
Thank you to whomever buys the bezel ring.  You will have inherited it from a fabulous and beautiful soul.

-Shannon Bowen-Smed, CEO, Founder

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