My Everything Ring

Sadly, eight years ago almost to the day, I lost my sister and my very best friend to breast cancer. I also lost my mother to mental illness a few years prior and my father passed away eight months before my sister. Not only was I left with the devastation of loss but the reality of having to settle two estates.

I was raised to be a girly-girl and I have the fondest memories of experiencing many shopping trips with my sister, mother (during her healthier and happier days) and grandmother. I also hold wonderful memories of how my father loved to spoil my mother by buying her beautiful jewelry and how he loved to gift his daughters’ shiny baubles too.  When settling both estates, I had a lot of jewelry to sort through. On the eve of my sister’s celebration of life, I gathered together her dearest girlfriends and gifted each one of them an item of her jewelry. The rest of her things that I knew I would never wear, or may have even owned duplication, were sold. As for my mother’s jewelry, she really loved her sparkles!!! Her jewelry meant so much to her as it fulfilled her need for significance and connection.  In fact, despite that she suffered from clinical depression that caused her to go catatonic and lie in bed for close to twenty years, didn’t stop her from wearing her jewelry everyday.

What does one do when they inherit estate jewelry, sparkly pieces that were once treasured by a loved one?  As a Mind Health & Happiness Practitioner I teach the power of simplifying and letting go.  As a Happy Stylist, I also teach the power of showing up for life and embracing objects that spark connection, energy, and happiness.  While dealing with two estates I decided to combine my two theories through the design of a ring I now call “My Everything Ring.”  This ring combines the diamonds from my wedding ring and those that once belonged to my mother and sister.

I kept from them the jewelry that meant something to me and everything else I let go. Eight years later I am at total peace with my decision. Wearing

“My Everything Ring,” now reminds me of my love for them both and to embrace the gift of life. As for the jewelry that I released to flight, I now imagine landing with joy and happiness for someone else to wear, and that warms my heart and makes me smile!

-Dolly Bird Canary, Karen Judge

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