Making Jewelry Work for You

At 54, I have been more clothing sizes over my lifetime then I care to admit.

Maybe that’s why I love jewelry so much.  If I lose weight, I can size my rings or remove a link from a watch.  If I gain weight, I can resize my rings, add a link to a choker…there is no more
versatile element in my closet.

What’s better yet is that not only can it shrink and grow as I do, I can also change it’s colour. Tired of my sapphire ring set in gold then I can get it dipped in rhodium and I have a completely
new look. Yellow gold is back in style – no problem, take my favourite platinum bangle and dip it to meet today’s fashion trends.

In my opinion there is not another accessory more versatile nor any other element that can finish an outfit like a piece of jewelry. Perhaps that’s why they say a diamond is a girl’s best friend.

For me it’s also a garnet, an emerald, a citrine and everything else in my jewelry cabinet that has endured all my sizes and all my moods.





Shannon Bowen-Smed

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