Dreams really do come true

This week, on my way to work, I listened to a radio interview with Lindsay Ell, a Canadian country music singer and songwriter from Calgary, who is lauded as being one of the most exciting and talented young artists in country music.   

Her interview moved me as she spoke about her perseverance, her tireless hours spent investing in her music career and about never giving up.  

I had personally spent the previous days quite worried about Canary.  Our in-take of jewelry had slowed down, sales had stalled and my inside voice had started to question if CANARY had what was necessary to succeed.

They say that the message is there for those who listen and that day I listened to Lindsay.   I was so inspired by her words that I decided that nothing would be more incredible than for CANARY to connect with Lindsay and to support her success while she was in Calgary at the CCMAs. I personally wanted to gift her with a piece of jewelry from Canary to wear during her weekend here.

I immediately began asking everyone I knew if someone knew her and it should not come as a surprise to hear that when you ask Calgary for help this community always finds a way to do just that! 

Lindsay Ell

To the two ladies that ultimately got me in front of Lindsay I will always be indebted.  

To Lindsay who reminded me that nothing great comes easy and said “yes” to wearing Canary on the red carpet, you are the superstar the world knows you to be!  Thankyou for your gift of music and for the inspiration you are!

– Shannon Bowen-Smed, Founder and CEO of CANARY

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