CANARY Customer Commitment


CANARY is dedicated to adhering to the highest of standards within the pre-loved jewelry industry. In fact, we hope to set the bar for it by providing:

  • A transparent valuation process
  • More than fair consignment terms
  • Membership option for added benefits
  • “White Glove” handling service
  • Secure storage
  • Safe and secure shipping
  • Personalized, professional service
“Life is too short to wear boring jewelry.”

Professional Jewelry Appraisal And Valuation

To ensure the most unbiased and objective representation of your treasures, CANARY partners with International Gemological Laboratory (IGL) jewelry appraisers.

IGL jewelry appraisers have more than 60 years of trusted experience working with the finest jewelry retailers in the country.

Transparent Rating System

CANARY’s unique and highly discerning rating system is used to evaluate all items available on the CANARY website. It reflects how we set the price, but it also clearly conveys the condition of the item so that you can feel confident about what you are purchasing.

5 Feathers


As-new or has the original price tag—extra shiny and new, to you.


Unique and no longer available in the open market—a rare gem.

4 Feathers


Slight wear
(e.g. small scratches)
— even an eagle eye would find it hard to detect.

3 Feathers


Visibly loved, but still plenty of shine left to be brilliant.