The CANARY Story

It all started with a simple question amongst a circle of friends:

Where does one sell or consign jewelry they no longer wear?

Sell to a pawn shop or dealer, or melt it down (for a mere song)
Sell it yourself on an online buy/sell site (not worth the constant bartering)
Add it to the endless inventory of a clothing consignment site (less serious buyers, gets buried)

We also found that some options were, shall we say, lacking clarity in their valuation process and consignment fees.

Seeing this underserved market, and with our years of entrepreneurial, retail, and business experience, we knew we could provide a better option for fellow jewelry lovers.

And with that,
the idea for CANARY was hatched.

CANARY is an exclusive online resale marketplace dedicated to offering luxury Pre-owned, Estate, Brand Name, Collectible, and Fine Jewelry.


Since Canary took flight, we’ve expanded our offerings to include carefully curated new items of jewelry from acclaimed designers around the world.

We also launched the THE COLLECTIVE to expand our offering to include other fine jewelry and accessories such as designer handbags and scarves.


Are you next? 

Why the name CANARY?

The canary yellow diamond is considered one of the most precious and valued gems in the world.  At CANARY Consignment, we’re dedicated to making your buying and/or selling experience equally remarkable and memorable.

Accessible Fashion and Luxury Jewelry

CANARY offers something for treasure hunters of all tastes and budgets, with prices ranging from $500 to $20K+. 

Preserve the Past and Invest in Your Future

Every pre-loved treasure tells a story or illustrates an era. Add your own unique chapter to an item that will last generations to come.

Benefits of buying pre-loved jewelry:

  • People sell for a myriad of reasons, so some items are next-to-new or new
  • Better pricing and value
  • Often higher quality craftsmanship
  • Owning a piece of history
  • Owning a one-of-a-kind item
  • Environmentally friendly