Canary Marketplace Collective

Canary Launches The Collective

Female Jewelry MakersHave you ever wondered just how many female, Canadian Fashion Designers and Canadian Fashion Retailers there are in our Country?

There are thousands!

Have you ever wondered why it is so hard to find and support the talent that lives inside our own borders?



We sure did – so we did our homework and this is what we learned;

  • Only 7% of female founded businesses can get a loan from a major Canadian bank
  • Only 2% of woman receive any venture capital funding
  • 79% of privately held companies worldwide are run by a male CEO
  • Only 14 African American women worldwide have received a loan of more than a million dollars EVER

That’s why later this year Canary will be launching “The Collective” – a shopping mecca of some of the most talented FEMALE Accessory Designers and Retailers in Canada all at your fingertips.

Buying from Canadian women supports our economy and it also supports the talented designers and artists that want to dream big.

Our Platform, Their Talent, Your Place to find amazing accessories.  Hope to see you at The Collective!

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